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Jean-Paul Agon

The traditional wooden building material offers many economic and environmental advantages. Many people believe that these naturally occurring products have been perfectly created. We are in the opinion that a much higher potential for further application of wood lies in smart materials combination.

With visionary and innovative connections like our HBV®-Systems (wood-concrete-composite systems) and now also the HSK®-Systems (wood-steel-composite systems), we want to drive the invigoration of the common future. In engineering/timber engineering, we are making this future a reality through our design and structural engineering works as well as our creation of modern timber construction techniques.

Our experts will be very happy to work together with you.

Horizontale Trennlinie

Multi-functional building at the University of Massachusetts near Boston, U.S.A.
Use of CLT for a multi-functional building at the University of Massachusetts near Boston, U.S.A.

Residential complex near Bordeaux, France
Residential complex made out of CLT near Bordeaux, France

Recent developments in modern wood construction
Recent developments in modern wood construction regarding CLT, glulam etc.
Tutorial HBV®-Systems
Our new youtube-video

Allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassung fuer unsere HSK-systeme
General Building Authority Accreditation for Wood-Steel-Composite-Systems
We have received the General Building Authority Accreditation Z-9.1-770.

Please familiarise yourself with our innovative HBV-Floors products:
Updated version of the HBV-Brochure in english is now available Updated version of the HBV®-Brochure in english is now available.
Nouvelle version du HBV-brochure en francais Nouvelle version du HBV®-brochure en francais.
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